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Those Not in Our Circle Are Blind To Our Venture, Nanos Operetta's eclectic soundtrack to Iranian filmmaker Bahman Kiarostami's film Persian Garden, is available for purchase at CD Baby and is streamable via Spotify and YouTube.
Nanos News:

Ahke Group

Nanos Operetta's latest venture The Blind Owl is in the early stages of development with St. Petersburg's heroic engineers of Russian theater AKHE Group. Former collaborator and high chief of artistic merit Blixa Bargeld (Einst??rzende Neubaten) is rumored to provide narrations.

The piece, based on Iranian existentialist author Sadegh Hedayat's writings, will be created as an evening-length show for the stage between St. Petersburg and Russia over the next year. Hedayat is recognized as the patron saint of the ensemble (Nanos' performance series 3 Drops of Blood took its name from one of Hedayat's short stories.)

The ambassadors of Nanos travel to St. Petersburg in April to begin ruminations with the mighty AKHE in the first of several collisions.

Read more about the project HERE.

AKHE's newest on-stage masterpiece Depot of Genius Delusions:

Tabatabai, Demel, and Wilson with drumming madman Kevin Szarnicki have formed an as of yet untitled new group. The band spent time in December in seclusion in the wild terrains of the Mojave Desert carving sketches of new song formations entitled Tropic. Using the environment of the desert as their beacon, wielding volume, and turning their musical fundaments towards the likes of Ennio Morricone, Leonard Cohen, 70's Soul, Surf, Flamenco, North African music, Indian classical, and the mystical rock leanings of Swans and Sunn O))) the group plan on unleashing their sonic discoveries on December 21st, 2012 in South America.

After several years of crossed paths and ongoing flirtations, Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan has joined the ranks of the Nanos Operetta organization. The new double agent of math-core fame will join operations this year. Stay tuned. moc.attereposonan@ofni

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