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"Wild, sexy, wacky and overwhelming."
    Rachel Howard - San Francisco Chronicle

"The six-member new music ensemble Nanos Operetta may be small (nanos being Greek for "midget") but it contains multitudes. With a devilish penchant for eclecticism and found-object instrumentation, the San Francisco-based group launches tightly arranged musical odysseys with hairpin turns, dramatic dynamism, poetic-existential vocal narrations, and a sheer range of influences and colors that places them in orbit somewhere near John Zorn or the outer regions of Tom Waits."
    Robert Avila - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Exceptionally literate...the live sound collages created by the Nanos Operetta are no less than diminutive, slightly misshapen operas...livid soundtracks over which Tabatabai applies his poetic narratives...rich and cinematic."
    Silke Tudor - SF Weekly

"A meticulous melange of orchestration."
    Nirmala Nataraj - SF Station

"Fascinating for its originality."
    Mario Echevarria - San Francisco Tribune

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