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Raring to Go
Kitty Luce
March 31, 2005

'3 Drops of Blood Installment V' (Fri/1-Sat/2)
Well, I don't know why it's called "3 Drops of Blood," and I don't know exactly what the splendid performers involved are planning on doing. What I do know is that Nanos Operetta's modern-dance music/performance series is exactly what there should be more of around town: fine performers from related disciplines coming together, combining and widening the experience of their devoted audiences. The series' fifth installment features the Stephen Pelton Dance Theater's India-rubber, emotional theatricality; the other dance practitioner, Jennifer Wright Cook, has danced with a who's who of local dance theater, from Joe Goode to Erika Shuch, and is now a member of the Madrid-based dance/theater company "y." Musically, there will be something from Hyo-Shin Na, whose multifarious previous commissions include the Kronos Quartet. Tabla Rasa will bring some original and traditional compositions for Indian percussion, and the Chekipov String Quartet and Nanos Operetta itself will be in evidence. I suspect a curatorial slant toward power, theatricality and perhaps mysticism. If you're exhausted already, you should probably stay home, but if you're champing at the bit at this list of delights, then take hold of your own reins and go. Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th St., SF; Fri-Sat 8 pm; $16-$19; (415) 273-4633.