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"A deliciously demented cabaret."
    Rachel Howard - San Francisco Chronicle

"An outstanding performance series...a unique showcase of local and international cross-disciplinary talent."
    Robert Avila - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"With a taste for poetic melancholy, an eye for perverse artistry, and an ear for unusual beauty...it verged on mystical."
    Silke Tudor - SF Weekly

"Combining art forms is nothing new to the underground scene, but in the rarefied air of high art, such gambles are generally taken with baby steps or not at all. Fortunately, Ali Tabatabai, curator of the "3 Drops of Blood" quarterly series presented by the Nanos Operetta, doesn't back down from a challenge, allowing a cast of heavy hitters in the dance, music, and theater worlds to boldly mix it up in a variety of performances."
    Michael Leaverton - SF Weekly

"Nanos Operetta's modern-dance music/performance series is exactly what there should be more of around town: fine performers from related disciplines coming together, combining and widening the experience of their devoted audiences...a curatorial slant toward power, theatricality and perhaps mysticism."
    Kitty Luce - SFGate

"Individually, these artists are spellbinding; together, they will transform your notions of a night out."
    Silke Tudor - SF Weekly

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